Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our products, simply return the unused portion or the gloves within thirty days of purchase for a full refund.


"After numerous office visits with several dermatologists, and an extensive supply of every product the doctors could think of, I still had dry skin. My hands were so dry and the cracks were so deep that they frequently bled, and the pain was horrible. After just two applications of Rough Hand Repair Ointment, the bleeding stopped, the cracks healed and the pain was gone. I'm taking advantage of your Holiday Special and buying 2 tubes this year. I'm amazed at how many of my friends also have severely dry hands, and hand lotion just doesn't even come close to helping us."
Sam F.
San Bernardino, CA.
Emergency Services Specialist

"I never cease to wonder how quickly Rough Hand Repair heals my weed-and-soil-damaged hands. My good intentions to wear gloves while toiling in the garden somehow usually get discarded. So at the end of the day I use Rough Hand Repair before going to bed, and this does the trick. If I have been extra hard on my hands I may want to apply a little more the next night. Rough Hand Repair is the only thing I have found in all my years of gardening that does the job quickly and thoroughly with just one or two applications. I love it!"
Patricia C.
Lebanon, Oregon

"I constantly complained about a nagging crack on the bottom of my foot. A friend pointed me in the direction of Rough Hand Repair. I used the product without fail for six to eight weeks, with a sock instead of the recommended glove. The results have been tremendous. With summer upon us, I can wear sandals and flip flops with confidence. Plus, I no longer have the annoyance of cracked skin. In my book, Rough Hand Repair is a winner."
Patrice S.
San Francisco, CA

"Thank You a million times over. I live in Michigan and the weather really does a number on my hands. I have tried just about every hand cream on the market and while they would feel good when I first put them on, they didn't last. One hand washing and it was gone. Plus all of them feel the need to scent everything.

When I first found your product on the internet my hands were so cracked and chapped they were bleeding. I read with disbelief what you could do and immediately thought "Yeah right, they will say anything for a buck." At this point I was desperate and your price was so reasonable I was willing to gamble. I am so glad I did. Not only does it last all day, does exactly what you said it would, it also doesn't have any scent. WOO HOO!!! It not only works great on my hands but I also put it on my heels. They were so dried up and cracked they were ripping holes in my nylons. I just don't have the time for all the foot soaks and other stuff that's on the market. I put a little dab of Rough Hand Repair on my hands and heels the minute I get out of my morning shower and I'm good all day.

Thank you again for a wonderful product. Thanks also for making it last so long."
Jan W.
Royal Oak, Michigan

"I am a nurse and always washing my hands. Since I started using Rough Hand Repair, I can see a difference within just a few seconds. I don't have a greasy feeling on my hands and am able to continue with my work! Thank you for a great product."
Jennifer B., RN

"I usually wait until my hands are extremely dry and chapped before I treat them. Such was the case when I tried Rough Hand Repair. But instead of taking days to begin to recover my hands responded to Rough Hand Repair the first day! The emulsion ingredient in the ointment kept the back of my hands moist all day. Thanks for a good product."
Paul P., Cabinet Maker
Fernley, Nevada

"I have been a gardener for seven years and my hands have really taken a beating. After using Rough Hand Repair for a few weeks, my hands are not only in much better condition, my fingernails are growing and looking nice and healthy. I also put Rough Hand Repair on my heels and then use socks for about 15 minutes. Amazing results. I do use gloves for 15 minutes as well. I think this makes a real difference. I have recommended this product to my sisters and daughter and they have all reported great results."
Rebecca C.

"I found that Rough Hand Repair Ointment is very soothing and healing for the hands. It doesn´t take much per application and seems to soak in well without leaving a greasy feeling."
Karen F.
Huntingdon, TN
Business Owner/Insurance Sales Office

"Rough Hand Repair Ointment really works. I know I should wear gloves when I garden, but I don't and this cream is the best I have used for minor cuts and dry skin."
Florence R.
Staten Island, NY
Retired Claims Representative

"I suffer from advanced eczema on my hands and feet. After using Rough Hand Repair my skin looks 10 times better, and isn't cracking anymore! I highly recommend this product!!"
Amy E.

"It works great; as good as a prescription-type cream. Thanks."

"When I first got my tube of Rough Hand Repair in the mail, I noticed it was very thick. I thought it was going to be greasy and I didn't really think I was going to like it. In my job, I count quite a bit of wet money (I am a bookkeeper in a very busy bar ) and handling all that paper dries my hands out , and all the hand washing doesn't help. I have tried many different products, but I am very satisfied with Rough Hand Repair. I use very little, so it isn't greasy and it helps with the cracks and roughness. I also sometimes put it on and wear gloves and I do the same with my feet. I would recommend this product for people who have problems with rough hands."
GraceAnn N.
Wantagh, New York

"I ordered this for my heels, which were very rough. They are now smooth, and the benefit that my hands received as a result was a bonus."
Sharon L.

"This is the best product I have ever used for my rough, dry hands. I would advise anyone to try it."
Patricia V.

"Believe what you read about Rough Hand Repair. It is really a good product and I've been using it for about 6 months. After many bath times with my now 1 year old daughter and trying to keep our chlorinated pool chemically balanced all summer, I've found Rough Hand Repair to be essential in my everyday regimen."
Lori D.
Program Technician
Metter, GA